Notification from DEVCON CEO Maggie Louie

A note about our COVID-19 protocols.

Notification from DEVCON CEO Maggie Louie

Dear friends,

First, thank you for your patronage. We value the relationship and always seek to be a good partner. That means predicting your growing needs as well as concerns.  

One growing concern on the minds of many is the global and local effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Wide-spread risk of an outbreak in the U.S. has been deemed low, according to the CDC. However, DEVCON has headquarters in TN and GA where cases of the virus have been reported, so I felt it prudent to address these concerns. 

To proactively safeguard our customers and employees against the spread of COVID-19, DEVCON has implemented our Infectious Disease Control Policy & Protocols – effective immediately.  DEVCON is also adhering to the developing best practices and guidance as issued by the CDC.

What does this mean for me? 


  • If you currently have any DEVCON staff working on-prem (on-premises) at your company (full-time managed services or part-time implementation crew), those teams will continue to work with you via remote video conference. 

  • Look for meeting invites with Zoom link that will replace your in-person meetings.

  • All on-prem services will be managed remotely via video conference calls until further notice.

  • DEVCON has suspended all non-essential travel for all employees.

  • DEVCON has asked all staff to work remotely from home unless necessary.

  • DEVCON has notified all employees of companies Infectious Disease Control Policy (you may request a copy of our policy by emailing [email protected])


  • DEVCON has extended backup technical teams and customer support teams around the globe to ensure there will be no outages to our customers.

  • DEVCON operates in a distributed cloud-based infrastructure with multi-zone deployments to prevent an outage in any one region.

  • DEVCON has automatic failover systems for all production facing infrastructure.

  • All data is backed up nightly and stored in a secure location.

  • We have advanced monitoring and on-call personnel to respond immediately in case of any event.

*Helpful links for those of you who may be considering how to address the concerns with your staff and customers.